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WHAT'S ON | Nuts at the Adelaide ZOO

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Get prepared for a lot of noise and activity with your visit to the Adelaide Zoo and see all the gorgeous wild life and animals oh and don't forget your nuts !

16 min walk through the beautiful North Adelaide parklands via Finnis Street

(1.2 km) Mostly flat - enjoy the beautiful old trees, including plane trees, jacarandas, and gum trees. Take some time to appreciate their unique features, such as their twisting trunks, wide canopies, and interesting bark textures.

Our Favourite enclosure is the Panda exhibition decorated with lucious green Bamboo (Panda's favourite food)

You really must see Wang Wang and Fu Ni they are the only Panda's on a breeding program in the South Hemisphere. Enjoy watching them roll around and playing together.

Are the pandas still at Adelaide Zoo?

The two Giant Pandas will now stay at Adelaide Zoo until late 2024

If your a visitor to Australia you really must see our most popular animal the cuddly Koala bear.
Oh and watch your nuts around those cheeky Lemurs they can snatch if your not looking !

Located in: Botanic Park Address:

Frome Rd, Adelaide SA 5000 Phone:


9.30am to 5pm every day Special Animals:

Funi, Wang Wang Panda's

Opened Since:Circa

1883 Must see Exhibits:

Panda Exhibit No. of species:


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