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Exploring the David Roche Foundation & Exhibitions

While staying at our Stanley Street Cottages you must visit the amazing:

DAVID ROCHE FOUNDATION Contemporay Art Gallery & Museum

Honouring Artistic Excellence: The 2022 People's Choice Award and Luther Cora's Triumph One of our favourite Exhibitions was in 2022, the David Roche Foundation extended its support to artistic endeavors beyond its own collection.

David Roche Foundation Art Exhibition - Luther Cora Photograph
Australian Aboriginal Artist & Photographer Luther Cora and the famous creative FLORA AND FAUNA, GIARA: WHITE COCKATOO, 2021

The prestigious National Photographic Portrait Prize 2022 was the People's Choice Award, supported by the foundation, recognized the outstanding contributions of Australian Aboriginal artist & photographer Luther Cora and the famous creative FLORA AND FAUNA, GIARA: WHITE COCKATOO, 2021. This award not only highlights Cora's creative talents but also underscores the foundation's commitment to fostering artistic excellence and engaging the broader community in the realm of art and culture.

This amazing Photo by Luther Cora at the David Roche Museum - National Photographic Portrait Prize 2022 Exhibition was our personal favourite - such amazing Detail !

David Roche Foundation: Art, Antiques, and Cultural Treasures Museum & Exhibitions Nestled in the heart of North Adelaide, South Australia and only walking distance from Stanley Street Cottages.

Contemporary Art Exhibitions - David Roche Foundation
David Roche Foundation Contemporary Art Gallery North Adelaide

The David Roche Foundation stands as a testament to one man's passion for art, antiques, and cultural preservation. With a focus on showcasing an extraordinary collection of art pieces, decorative items, and historical artifacts, this institution invites visitors on a remarkable journey through time and artistic expression.

The Legacy of David Roche: A Collector's Passion Preserved The foundation owes its existence to the late David J. Roche, an ardent collector who dedicated his life to acquiring an impressive array of artistic and historical treasures. Roche's refined taste and a keen eye for beauty led him to amass a diverse collection that spans various artistic genres, including paintings, sculptures, furniture, textiles, ceramics, and more.

His dedication to preserving these items culminated in the creation of the David Roche Foundation House Museum, a space that encapsulates his spirit of appreciation for artistry, craftsmanship, and culture. Roche's legacy lives on through the foundation's mission to share his curated collection with the world.

Immersive Exhibitions: Delving into Themes and Treasures Central to the foundation's endeavors are its captivating exhibitions that offer visitors an immersive experience of different art forms, historical eras, and cultures. The exhibitions, hosted within the museum's elegant spaces, provide an opportunity to explore themes that resonate across time and borders.

From fine art to decorative pieces, each exhibition is carefully curated to provide insight into the historical context and artistic techniques that shaped each creation. These showcases invite visitors to engage with the collection on a deeper level, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for art's multifaceted nature.

Click here for free tickets to Regine Schwarzer: Deliberations on Fermoy is proudly presented as part of the South Australian Living Artists Festival SALA

SALA SALA - South Australian Living Art Festival - REGINE SCHWARZER
SALA - South Australian Living Art Festival - David Roche Foundation

Enjoy Regine Schwarzer for a free talk discussing her practice, her experience exploring David Roche's collection of decorative arts, and the works she has created for SALA 2023.

Displayed at The David Roche Foundation Tuesday 1 August - Saturday 9 September 2023. Free entry - Ticketed. Opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10AM - 4PM.

As the David Roche Foundation continues to be a hub of artistic exploration, historical preservation, and cultural appreciation, it stands as a beacon for those seeking to connect with the rich tapestry of human creativity and heritage. With a legacy rooted in one man's passion, this institution remains a valuable gem in the cultural landscape of North Adelaide, inviting all to discover the wonders it holds within its walls. Download the David Roche Foundation PDF

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